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The establishment

The story behind Le Clos Champel

The former smithy that’s now a charming hotel-restaurant full of character

Let’s step back in time… Le Clos Champel is housed in an old smithy with the addition of a small bar. In the days when mail was delivered by stagecoach, it was also the first place stopping place for the mail coach from Rennes.

Much later, Christian L’haridon and his wife Josette decided to give the building a new lease of life. After extensive renovation Le Clos Champel opened in 1988, offering local cuisine, gourmet food and a congenial atmosphere, reflecting the chef’s own outlook.

Although Le Clos Champel has undergone a series of improvements and extensions (kitchens renovated in 1996, veranda dining room added in 2002, sauna and spa area constructed and six new rooms added in 2008, amongst others), it has retained its Breton character with its rustic furniture, the fireplace from the old forge, and of course the culinary specialities made from regional produce.

Clos Champel cadre priviliégié à Cesson Sévigné

Look to the past for a better view of the future

The aim of hospitality providers these days is to convey the traditional legacy of their establishments through their cuisine, their hospitality and the pleasure they provide – the simple pleasure of good times accompanied by tasty, gourmet food.

Providing good times is also at the heart of all their future projects; it’s what drives their ongoing determination to advance and grow, to continue developing quality services.

Come to Le Clos Champel and discover for yourself our unending quest for local Breton products, prepared in consideration of nature and the work of passionate men and women.

The chef uses and makes the most of the finest products, such as snails, local produce and in particular Coucou de Rennes chickens. The restaurant is open every day except Sunday, a rare thing.

Le Clos Champel Restaurant Renne Restaurant Gastronomique Près De Rennes à Cesson Sévigné Christian L’haridonLe Clos Champel Restaurant Renne Restaurant Gastronomique Près De Rennes à Cesson Sévigné Christian L’haridon

Regional products, French cuisine, boundless inspiration

Passion for the land

The cuisine at Le Clos Champel is all down to the dedication of its chef, Christian L’haridon, for local Breton products. He selects all the meat, fish, seafood, vegetables and wines he uses from local farmers, producers and wine growers in the region. When you put your trust in local industries, you develop an excellent understanding of the products – the most important quality guarantee for a gourmet restaurant.

Original and creative dishes in the French culinary tradition

The chef displays all his creative freedom in the dishes he creates. He puts a contemporary twist on the classics of French cuisine in general and Breton cuisine in particular; his famous Coucou de Rennes chicken with cider and buckwheat is the perfect example. A treat for the eyes and a treat for the palate!

Clos Champel - Un restaurant gastronomique près de Rennes
Menu gastronomique Rennes Clos Champel

Le Clos Champel, a delightful place to stay at the gateway to Rennes…

Our hotel is conveniently located in Cesson-Sévigné, a short distance from Rennes, where the town meets the countryside. We’re about ten minutes by car from the centre of Brittany’s capital, and 15 minutes from Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande airport.

Our garden behind the hotel-restaurant is a veritable haven of verdure and serenity, and you can take in the tranquillity of this relaxing natural spot from the verandah.

Our 19 rooms are available all year round for a welcoming break at any time. Our guests, both private and professional, appreciate the authentic charm of the place along with the modern conveniences we offer (wide-screen TV, wifi, etc.).

Clos Champel Restaurant Hotel Cesson Sevigne

… and meeting all your requirements

Good times with friends and family

If you’re looking for a friendly restaurant offering tasty, authentic gourmet cuisine for a congenial treat with your loved ones, look no further than Le Clos Champel. What makes us different? Our dedicated service and the chef’s passion for home-made food; knowing that everyone will enjoy the meal.

A business-oriented establishment

Our hotel-restaurant also operates as a business partner, so we can offer a complete package for professionals: study days, one-day or residential meetings, cocktails and receptions, business lunches, cookery workshops, team-building events, etc. We have various spaces for hire (dining room, garden-veranda, private meeting rooms, etc.), and teams to help you with every aspect and provide any equipment you need to make your event a success.

A great place to relax

Our wellness area with heated swimming pool and spa centre with sauna and hammam will satisfy all your needs for relaxation; we consider your comfort and pleasure essential for a memorable stay. A stay at Le Clos Champel is a unrivalled experience in a delightful bucolic setting, within easy reach of Rennes.

Hotel Le Clos Champel restaurant gastronomique Cesson Sévigné

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